Do you know what to focus on first?

Feeling a bit Overwhelmed?

Ever wish you weren't the boss, and someone else will tell you what to do?

I know I felt that way sometimes... no one came to save me.

Maybe you are considering growth or need/want to make some changes but you are not sure where to start.

As owners, operators, and dishwashers (when needed), you know running a small business is not a straightforward road to success.

Do you work in your business? Spending time putting out fires, with a goal that someday you'd like to be able to step back and enjoy a vacation. Sound familiar?

I was there once too, and still am to some degree. Entrepreneurship and business do not have an OFF button, unless you shut them down. And even that is a process, beleive me.

If you are ready to be honest with your business and get acountable with how you can level up, you are in the right place.

Here's how we help

12 Week Growth Plan

Entrepreneurial Skills Training - Coaching - Strategic Advisory

Let's get motivated and accountable to your business, learning what your don't know and leveling up.

Be self-directed with the online learning of our proven business diagnostics training, and build on your entrepreneurial skills with weekly Coaching calls for strategy and accountability.

Finalizing the plan, next steps and forecasting completed by Coach with checklists and implementation tools.

Strategic Advisory and Coaching

Project Support to overcome challenges or innovate.

Customized solutions in a consulting or coaching mandate to bring ideas to life or correct course.

Growth or Exit Planning. Problem solving for Strategy, Operations and People to support innovation, business diagnostics, and AI Adoption.

Fractional Advisory working alongside you.

CTO - Technology, CFO - Financial

COO- Growth/ Operations/ People/ Business Managment

Growth Plan

12 Week Program for Small Business Owners


2-4 hours a week committment - Working ON your Business


Weekly Strategy and

Accountability Calls

Strategic Consulting

Comprehensive Plan Review,

next steps and forecasting

The 12-Week Growth Plan program is a holistic business approach to helping small business owners figure out where you are in the business today. Knowing what you need to focus on, then plan for what can and need to be do next.    

This program is based on a unique framework I developed to meet my needs when evaluating businesses to sell them. To package up the business and prepare it for sale, I had to complete a comprehensive business diagnostic. I needed an inventory of the operation to provide an objective assessment of its current performance, key issues, and future prospects.  

For over 14 years, this same framework has helped 100’s of other small business owners and non-profits to take stock and successfully map out their business evolution. Dreaming big and chasing goals with a comprehensive review of what you have and have identified opportunities to enhance operations/management performance with a plan.  

In the diagnostic review, we assess ALL growth potential across the operation and prioritize actions that may include expanding or growing your market, updating products or pricing, raising capital, adopting new technology, financial literacy, communication, training needs, building the team, among others.    

Going through this program you will:  

1.  Create a crystal-clear CEO overview of the business today and where it is going.

2. Uncover any hidden challenges that may be sabotaging success and taking the business off track.

3. Have renewed interest in the big picture vision and be inspired to finally have an outline of where to focus your efforts and next steps to reach your goals.

4. Know what is needed to make better decisions.

5. Be able to measure your successful.

Business is ever evolving.

More than a plan for the shelf, this growth plan is a living document. It is a tool to support strategic decision making, managing risk and keeping the business on track with the goals.

Sound interesting?

To ensure that you get a customized experience, we do limit the number of business owners that are in this program at any given time.

If we do have a waitlist, we will let you know when the next program will begin.

Based in Atlantic Canada, serving Entrepreneurs Globally

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