Solve Problems.

Navigate change, seize opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth.

Are you READY to make some changes, but you're not sure where to start?

  Do you wonder how you are supposed to improve, if you aren’t even 100% sure what's wrong?

Is it actually possible to have a big picture view and take control without feeling alone or overwhelmed?!

I bet you’ve tried working with consultants or have taken a course or two online...

And nothing has quite worked for you, right?


I get it!

I was there too.... and I wish someone had shared this conversation with me.

Why work with a Strategist and Coach?

Expertise to ask the "right" questions with the big picture and strategy to bring you to the next level of business.

How is my approach "different"?

It's a whole business approach to skills development in entreprenurship,

leadership and operational management.

Sharing lessons learned and best practices,

so you don't have to struggle.

Following my proven Evalu8 Framework, you will learn how ask the "right questions" to the "right people" to support your strategic decisions, manage risk and reach your potential.

...I even guarentee it!


"The program was just what I had hoped"

"It forced me to peek into corners, ask hard questions and think about things differently. As a result, I have a new way of thinking and a new planning process."

- Lynn Colepaugh, Cyber PR Army 

Entreprenurial Coaching and Business Skills Training

Solving problems and taking products to market

Customized Solutions to...

Launch a New Idea

Put some structure around your idea and start a plan to measure your success. Business development for big picture thinking, startups and innovation.

Ideation through to implementation

Solve Problems

Get to the heart of the pain, assess your options and build out an action plan. Measure your success, review often, adjust as needed.

Get on track with your goals with a game plan to follow.

Build your Team

Increase performance and productivty with an internal culture of inclusion, teamwork and peer coaching.

Work ON your business to build the business you want to work IN.


Reach your potential. Develop a strategic action plan based on the possible. Marketing, Sales and operational plans to Raise capital and court investors.

Secure funding and collaborate with partners for synergy.

Digital Transformation

Take a whole business approach to reviewing workflow, bottlenecks and identifying gaps.

Source technology options to fit and mange the transition for seamless adoption.


Streamline your success with activities to clean it up. Put your business order including people, documentation and financials to prepare for new leadership or transition of ownership.

Be the leader and prepare.

E-LEARNING and Coaching


Evalu8 your Opportunities

Business Analysis and Strategic Planning

6 Month Group Coaching Program

Let's dive deeper to look at everything in your business.

Strategically align your Success by mapping out your big picture with proven strategies, best practices and lessons I've learned. Develop an action plan and measure results aligned with your goals.

Up your business acumen. It's time to get real, learn what you don't know and talk about it.

Weekly 1 hour Group Coaching Session, recorded.

Business Skills Training

Email support, Templates, Resources

Committment of 1-2 hours per week working ON your business.

Ak me about payment plan.

Limited Time Bonus *60 Minute Private Strategy Session to be used within 6 months

12 Weeks to Business Alignment

Solve a problem, raise capital or Innovate.

3 Month Private Coaching Program

Intensive 3 month Program to work through a problem. It could be building a business plan, evaluating a new idea, crisis management, developing a growth stratgey, marketing plan or an exit.

You will get your business organized, have clarity on where to focus your attention, and an action plan with a checklist to follow.  

90 minute Project kick off -  Discovery Session.

Weekly 1 hour Private Coaching Session

Business Skills Training, pre-coaching session homework.

Customized templates, tools and resources

Email support. Final document review

Commitment of 2-4 hours per week working ON your business.

Ak me about funding or payment plan.


Scott Harrigan

Owner, Glorope Canada Inc.

"Working with Sara was an excellent and invaluable experience. Formulating and then implementing a clear and concise strategic plan for both short term and long. She helped me thoroughly take stock of where my company was and where it was going."

Jennifer Boyne

Designer, Owner,
J.Boyne Western Wear

"Sara has provided me with the tools I needed to keep my business on track. She encouraged me to set goals, not only for monthly or long term, but daily as well."

Kim Scaravelli

Owner, Trust Communications, Managing Partner,
The Canadian Diversity Initiative, Best Selling Author -
Making Words Work

“I was working hard but it felt like I was spinning in circles instead of moving forward. Sara looked objectively at my goals and my tactics and worked with me to create a strategy that brought everything into alignment."

** Guarantee **

I get it. We get busy. Life happens. You can cancel anytime.

Online Training will always be available to you.

But, we also know if you commit to your business and trust the process, you will have a new way of looking at and tackling the challenges you face. We've witnessed the "aha" moments and success stories. You will take your business to the next level. 

So, without a second thought, if you have completed the entire program and done the work, and still do not feel you have gained any clarity on your current position or what you need to do, I will absolutely refund your entire investment. * conditions apply. Ask me.

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