Is your business ready for you to get Strategic?

Are you ready to take control and learn how to set yourself up for success?

Level up with a Business Coach

Skills Training- Entrepreneurship

Peer Mentorship

Hi, I'm Sara

As an experienced Growth Strategist, Business Coach, and former Business Broker, I specialize in helping small business owners to overcome challenges, regain focus, and develop an action plan for growth or transition.

I know where you are, because I was and entrepreneur first. Yes, some lessons were harder than others. There are so many things I learned on exit that I wish I knew earlier.


You don't need to struggle. We are all riding the same ups and downs of entrepeneurship, it can be lonely and hard to know what's next. I've learned that there are a few core fundementals we all need in order to be successful in business, regardless the industry. I started this training and coaching program to make it easy for small business owners, just like me, to learn what they don't know and talk about it.

There is NO fluff. I am sharing the lessons learned, tools, growth strategies and I am opening a space to create a community of peer support so you are not in it alone, either.

So, What's your next business move?

Before you "launch" into the next project ... do you have a clear look at your big picture?

What's really going on and what needs attention?

Let me show you how to do a wholistic business diagnositic on your operations.

Then priortize your pain and create a plan to take action.

EVALU8. Level up your business skills.

Let's talk about Strategy, Growth and your People

Educate yourself, gain new business skills - Learn to Evalu8 your own business, identify gaps, manage risk, build your team and correct course with direction.

Coaching and peer support to take action, talk strategies for growth, operations and people planning.

There really is no need to struggle or go it alone.

6 Month Group Program

Training & Coaching for Small Business Owners

This program is designed to walk you through evaluating and aligning your success with proven growth strategies, best practices and a community of other motivated entrepreneurs asking questions and sharing lessons learned.

Commit to doing the work ON your business. In 6 months time you will have a whole new appreciation for your products, workflow, customers, team and potential. Strategically organized with an action plan and measurable goals to reach. More importantly - you will have the new skills to know how to do it again.

Here's how it works

Weekly 1 hour Group Coaching Session

Each week, we will tackle a new strategy with steps to action in your business. We will be open to discussion, share success, failure, ask questions, and source new opportunities. An open office Q&A will also be included, where you can send questions in advance for discussion.

Business Skills Training - Business Analysis, Strategic Planning

Learn to Audit your own business following my proven framework. This self paced online training course will lead you to develop your own custom dashboard to review, diagnosis and prioritize your next move.

It's essentially a giant checklist of things you need to think about. It becomes your strategic playbook.

Access to a peer group and a Coach

Join other entrepreneurs on the same journey, asking the same questions, sharing resources and experinces.

Includes: Secure Community Portal with Q&A, Templates, Resources, Best Practices, Email support.

Bonus (5) Hours Private Coaching for customized support

Scheduled as needed. Work on a specific challenge or schedule regular accountability calls with the 6 months program.

Investment $4995 + Commitment of 1-2 hours per week working ON your business.

Payment Plan $1000/month for 6 months.

*Ask about funding if you are in Canada.

I created this program to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to set themselves up for success. There is no need struggle. It's not rocket science. But it is a different way of looking at your business from a big picture point of view and learning to be strategic.

It's 6 months, because I know "Life" happens. You can get through the online material in as little as a week if you put your mind to it, but 6 months with ongoing support will give you lots of time to make a strategic decisions to direct your bottom line, leadership capacity and overall potential.

Ok, It is not for everyone.

But, it is absolutely for you, if:

  • You are a solopreneur or small business owner who works in your business.

    Need/ want a checklist to follow as a guage for staying on track, prioritizing activities and managing risk.

  • Are you considering growth and want to make some changes to your business?

    Currerntly in need of a Big Picture view to make informed decisions.

  • You need to get the business organized and out of your head?

    Are you considering an exit, managing personal health, preparing to transfer ownership or liquidate. Get your affairs in order.

  • Are ready to put a plan and the right team together

    Do you know that there has to be an easier way.... you are looking for an option to "Level Up" where you don't have to struggle or do it alone anymore.

To ensure that you get a customized expereince that you can use in your business, we do limit the number of businesses that are in this program at any given time. So don't wait!

Apply Today.

Final Word.... if you are hanging on the fence as to whether this is for you.

Think about this:
If you are in business.... you are in growth.

If you are in transition... you are exiting your business one way or another.

Same need. There has to be some foundational questions asked to prepare the business for the next move.

I'm sharing my proven framework to get you started with a plan, and a database or dashboard where you organize and keep your business strategy in order.

Manage risk and level up your entreprenurial game.

Past clients have said

Scott Harrigan

Owner, Glorope Canada Inc.

"Working with Sara was an excellent and invaluable experience. Formulating and then implementing a clear and concise strategic plan for both short term and long. She helped me thoroughly take stock of where my company was and where it was going."

Jennifer Boyne

Designer, Owner,
J.Boyne Western Wear

"Sara has provided me with the tools I needed to keep my business on track. She encouraged me to set goals, not only for monthly or long term, but daily as well."

Kim Scaravelli

Owner, Trust Communications, Managing Partner,
The Canadian Diversity Initiative, Best Selling Author -
Making Words Work

“I was working hard but it felt like I was spinning in circles instead of moving forward. Sara looked objectively at my goals and my tactics and worked with me to create a strategy that brought everything into alignment."

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