Why Work with a Coach?

Ask questions, bounce ideas and strategize with someone

who understands business and will poke holes in your logic.

Get out of your comfort zone and challenge youself to work ON your business.

Be Accountable.

Make better decisions for the business and your life.

As Small Business Owners wearing all the hats,

we are juggling everything and sometimes

we need someone we can be honest with, ask questions,

and think through issues out loud in a

safe, confidential space.

...someone that's an advocate for the business.    

Before you spend any more money on improving your business, invest in you!

Get clear on your current situation and prioritize what needs attention. 

Then you can have the right conversations with the right people to get the support you need.

E-LEARNING and Coaching


Evalu8 your Opportunities

Business Analysis and Strategic Planning

6 Month Group Coaching Program

Let's dive deeper to look at everything in your business.

Strategically align your Success by mapping out your big picture with proven strategies, best practices and lessons I've learned. Develop an action plan and measure results aligned with your goals.

Up your business acumen. It's time to get real, learn what you don't know and talk about it.

Weekly 1 hour Group Coaching Session, recorded.

Business Skills Training

Email support, Templates, Resources

Committment of 1-2 hours per week working ON your business.

Ak me about payment plan.

Limited Time Bonus *60 Minute Private Strategy Session to be used within 6 months

12 Weeks to Business Alignment

Solve a problem, raise capital or Innovate.

3 Month Private Coaching Program

Intensive 3 month Program to work through a problem. It could be building a business plan, evaluating a new idea, crisis management, developing a growth stratgey, marketing plan or an exit.

You will get your business organized, have clarity on where to focus your attention, and an action plan with a checklist to follow.  

90 minute Project kick off -  Discovery Session.

Weekly 1 hour Private Coaching Session

Business Skills Training, pre-coaching session homework.

Customized templates, tools and resources

Email support. Final document review

Commitment of 2-4 hours per week working ON your business.

Ak me about funding or payment plan.

What do you want? 

What does your business need to do

to make that happen?

Are you READY to level up?

Our Coaching Programs are for motivated small business owners that are ready to level up.

It's a commitment of 3-6 hours a  week to Evalu8 your business, identify gaps and opportunities to control and measure your success with training and customized support to put strategy into action.           

You can Expect to:

  • Create a crystal-clear CEO overview of where you are in your business today. 

  • Have a complete Business Map for strategy and operations 

  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success and taking your business off track, and…

  • Have renewed interest in your big picture vision and be inspired to finally have an outline of where you need to focus your efforts including what technology or support you may need to level up. 

  • Know what you need to do.

  • Make better decisions and be prepared to raise capital or exit.  

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