What do you want? 

What does your business need to do

to make that happen?

This coaching program is for motivated small business owners that are ready to diagnose true issues and priortize next steps with clarity. It's a commitment of 2-4 hours a  week to Evalu8 your Business.


You can Expect to:

  • Create a crystal-clear CEO overview of where you are in your business today. 

  • Have a complete Business Map for strategy and operations - AI Adoption

  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success and taking your business off track, and…

  • Have renewed interest in your big picture vision and inspired to finally have an outline of where you need to focus your efforts including what technology or support you may need to level up. 

  • Make better decisions, managing risk and prepared to raise capital or exit.  

Sound Interesting?

Read on...

6 Month Group Program

Training & Coaching for Small Business Owners

Here's how it works

Don't do it alone. This program is designed to walk you through evaluating and aligning your success with proven growth strategies, best practices and a community of other motivated entrepreneurs asking questions and sharing lessons learned.

Commit to doing the work ON your business. In 6 months time you will have a whole new appreciation for your products, workflow, customers, team and potential. Strategically organized with an action plan and measurable goals to reach. Most importantly - you will have the new skills to know how to do it again.

Weekly Group Coaching Session

Each week, we will meet for an hour and tackle a challenge or new strategy with steps to action in your business. We will be open to discussion, share success, failure, ask questions, and source new opportunities. An open office Q&A will also be included, where you can send questions in advance for discussion or to be responsed to.

Business Skills Training - Business Analysis, Strategic Planning (Business Mapping)

Learn to Audit your own business following my proven framework. This self-paced training will lead you in creating your own custom dashboard to review, diagnose and prioritize your next move.

It's a workbook of strategies, best practices and things you need to think about, all in one place. Your personal CEO strategic dashboard.

  • AI Adoption Roadmap

  • Growth Strategies

  • Managing Risk

  • Exit/ Success Path

Access to a Mastermind Peer Group and a Coach

Join other entrepreneurs on the same journey, asking the same questions, sharing resources and experiences.

Includes: Secure Community Portal with Q&A, Templates, Resources, Best Practices, Email support.

Payment Plan Available

*Ask about possible funding if you are in Canada.

Limited Time Bonus - (3)Private Coaching sessions for customized support with a Small Business Specialist. Work on a specific challenge or schedule regular accountability calls within the 6 months program.

Are you READY to level up?

I created this program to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to set themselves up for success. There is no need struggle. It's not rocket science. But it is a different way of looking at your business from a big picture point of view and learning to be strategic.

It's 6 months, because I know "Life" happens. You can get through the online material in as little as a week if you put your mind to it, but 6 months with ongoing support will give you lots of time to make a strategic decisions to direct your bottom line, leadership capacity and overall potential.

Ok, It is not for everyone.

But, it is absolutely for you, if:

  • You are a solopreneur or small business owner who works in your business.

    Balancing everything, you need a checklist to stay on track, prioritizing activities and managing risk.

    You are spending time putting out fires , with a goal that someday you'd like to be able to step back and enjoy.

    Wouldn't it be nice to take an extended vacation and not worrying or checking in, knowing everything was under control.

  • You considering growth or want to make some changes to your business?

    A Big Picture view will give you a complete diagnostic to get clear on what you have and what you need. rom there you will be able to make informed decisions to streamline effecincies or adopt AI to increase productivitiy.

  • You need to get the business organized and out of your head?

    You are considering bringing on a partner, raising capital or possibly exit and it's time to get your affairs in order.

  • Are ready to put a plan and the right team together.

    You know that there has to be an easier way.... you are looking for an option to "Level Up" where you don't have to struggle or do it alone anymore.

To ensure that you get a customized experience, we do limit the number of businesses that are in this program at any given time. We do have a waitlist and would be happy to let you know when the next program will begin.

Work with a Coach.

Ask questions, bounce ideas and strategize with someone

who understands business and will poke holes in your logic.

Get out of your comfort zone and challenge youself to work ON your business.

Be Accountable.

Make better decisions for the business and your life.

As Small Business Owners wearing all the hats,

we are juggling everything and sometimes

we need someone we can be honest with, ask questions,

and think through issues out loud in a

safe, confidential space.

...someone that's an advocate for the business.    

Before you spend any more money on improving your business, invest in knowing where to start first.

There is so much noise and new tech to play with it can be overwhelming.

Get clear on your current situation and prioritize what needs attention. 

Then you can have the right conversations, technology and success path.

Final Word.... if you are hanging on the fence as to whether this is for you.

Think about this:

If you are in business.... you are in growth.

If you are in transition... you are exiting your business one way or another.

You have the SAME need.

In my experince, there has to be some foundational questions asked to prepare the business for the next move.

I'm sharing my proven framework to get you started.

You will:

  1. Put your issues and opportunities in front of you, with added structure and best practices as a checklist to follow.

  2. Learn to diagnose your pain and create a plan to correct course

  3. Build your One Spot Strategy and Leadership knowledge center to help you keep on track of everything.

Start your plan, increase your business value and be prepared for whatever Life and Business throw at you.

Level up your entrepreneurial game.

Learn what you don't know - yet, and talk about it.

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